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Are you longing for meaning and creativity?

Do you wish for more non-virtual, human connection and true relationships - and the courage to step into these?

Do you believe in the transformative power of culture, beauty, and humanity in the best sense of each of these words?


As a performance/theater artist and teacher, I am dedicated to creating experiences in which human beings can re-connect with their creative individuality, and with each other. Being creative is a way to meet life, not a privilege or luxury reserved for "artists." Understanding each individual as a unique being with a physical body, soul, and spirit on an ever-evolving journey, I take movement and the arts of speech, theater, and improvisation as my point of entry.  To involve every aspect of the person, I use conversation and play, ritual and fun, hands-on activities and meditation - we are multi-faceted, and I am here to serve the unleashing of every person's potential. In a multitude of ways. In conversation with you.

Welcome to with the flow...


travel organizer / companion / guide / interpreter

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.  (Hilaire Belloc)
 Pellestrina, Venezia, 2012 BB

Pellestrina, Venezia, 2012 BB

Have you been longing to experience Europe in an intimate, personal way -                                                                                                                    without missing all the highlights?

Are you adventurous at heart but not sure how to translate that into the trip of your dreams?

Would you like to experience your family origins in an authentic, but non-corny way?

Do you love good food, wine, locally grown and sourced food and drink                                                                                                                                 that may even be unknown to your palate?

I must be a relic of a time when traveling (such as with the “Grand Tour”) was considered an essential part of a person's education. Indeed, only few could do it and those privileged enough would return with souvenirs (that were not souvenirs yet), journals, drawings, and perhaps a sense of self that could only be the result of having changed one's point of view and noticed how it was affected by that otherness.

Perhaps, being born into two cultures set me up with this sense that no place is quite my home, and every place could be. As a matter of fact, I have never quite figured out how to be a real tourist. I delight in diving into the reality of a place, looking for the natural beauty and the man-made wonders of culture. I look for the unknown, and am curious. I visit the top ten, and I step off the beaten path.

If you are looking for a fairly fearless and intrepid travel organizer/companion/guide/interpreter, ask me. I am not a professional, I don't do the white water rafting or the bungee jumping, but if you'd like to travel with all your senses engaged, ask me. Tell me what you long for, and we'll create the trip you won't forget – with respect for the culture visited, and joyous mindfulness. For if I can wake up and transform myself, real home is everywhere.

I especially love to share my passion for Italy (Venice and Sicily in particular), and France. I am particularly interested in traveling to discover cultural history.

But if you'd really like to plan a trip to........................................., ask me.

PS: This is an exclusive and personal service I offer. For obvious reasons, I do not say “yes” to every request. For this experience to be successful, you and I need to find each other as friends. This is NOT a dating or escort service, either.


"With sensitive collaboration Benedicta journeyed with us into the art and culture of the Veneto. Her guidance was extraordinary".  

- Nicole Furnée & Thomas Chulak, Chatham, New York, after one week in Venice and the Veneto in 2014

"Benedicta's sagacious yet unintrusive nature lets you feel at once securely navigated and also free to get lost in a idyllic foreign country.  Benedicta masters the art of travel guidance with a gentle touch and a firm grasp on her surroundings.  She intuits her way through the labyrinth of an ancient city with facility, ingenuity, and most of all a compassionate interested ear towards your desires.  What an incredible experience, a true gift, one that I hope to repeat many times over."

Bethany Caputo, Brooklyn, New York, after 3 days in Venice in 2012


 Cloister of Magione church (Santissima Trinità), Palermo, Sicily, 2013 - BB   

Cloister of Magione church (Santissima Trinità), Palermo, Sicily, 2013 - BB


To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world. 
(Rudolf Steiner)


All services available in English, Italian, French, and German.

Tutti servizi sono disponibili in italiano, inglese, francese e tedesco.

Tous les services sont disponibles en langue française, anglaise, italienne et allemande.

Ich biete meine Dienste in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache an.


background image by Benedicta Bertau - Sicily 2011