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Are you longing for meaning and creativity?

Do you wish for more non-virtual, human connection and true relationships - and the courage to step into these?

Do you believe in the transformative power of culture, beauty, and humanity in the best sense of each of these words?


As a performance/theater artist and teacher, I am dedicated to creating experiences in which human beings can re-connect with their creative individuality, and with each other. Being creative is a way to meet life, not a privilege or luxury reserved for "artists." Understanding each individual as a unique being with a physical body, soul, and spirit on an ever-evolving journey, I take movement and the arts of speech, theater, and improvisation as my point of entry.  To involve every aspect of the person, I use conversation and play, ritual and fun, hands-on activities and meditation - we are multi-faceted, and I am here to serve the unleashing of every person's potential. In a multitude of ways. In conversation with you.

Welcome to with the flow...


I offer quality translation services ...

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 Chioggia, 2012 - BB

Chioggia, 2012 - BB

Benedicta Bertau is truly a gifted linguist.  Her translations come not only from the head but also the heart.  Accurate, timely, and economical as well.

- Richard Cross,


Born into a bilingual family (French and German), languages have been a passion of mine for as long as I can think. As a child, I used to put myself to sleep pretending to speak English, imitating the music. Passionate teachers started me on my way to actually speaking the language of the Bard. Living and studying in England, then the United States, creating theater (with a particular love for Shakespeare) continued to form me. Living in the Netherlands added the wonderfully diverse soundscape of the Dutch language to my "bag of tricks." And when I studied physical theater in Chile, I dove into Pablo Neruda's language at first with a headache, and after 6 weeks with amazed love. Landing in Italy was certainly not a conscious plan - but thanks to love (again, the key ingredient) and patient friends and colleagues, la bella lingua entered my palate, heart, and head. Language to me is music, and I passionately love playing this instrument. With every language I speak, a new aspect of the world soul opens up.


I offer quality translation services for (almost) any kind of need.

Why use my services, and not Google translate?
Because no computer will ever be able to think. Creating context and understanding the complex needs of true communication between human beings will never be replaceable.


If you want quality and carefully done work, ask me. I shapeshift your text from

German, French, English, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish


English, German, and French.

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 Rimini, 2013 - BB

Rimini, 2013 - BB

"... a person who works with hands, head and heart is an artist"
- Saint Francis of Assisi
"...celui qui travaille avec ses mains, sa tête et son cœur est un artiste." 
- Saint François d'Assise
"... wer mit den Händen, mit Kopf und Herzen arbeitet, ist ein Künstler.
- Franz von Assisi


All services available in English, Italian, French, and German.

Tutti servizi sono disponibili in italiano, inglese, francese e tedesco.

Tous les services sont disponibles en langue française, anglaise, italienne et allemande.

Ich biete meine Dienste in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache an.


background image by Benedicta Bertau - Sicily 2011