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Are you longing for meaning and creativity?

Do you wish for more non-virtual, human connection and true relationships - and the courage to step into these?

Do you believe in the transformative power of culture, beauty, and humanity in the best sense of each of these words?


As a performance/theater artist and teacher, I am dedicated to creating experiences in which human beings can re-connect with their creative individuality, and with each other. Being creative is a way to meet life, not a privilege or luxury reserved for "artists." Understanding each individual as a unique being with a physical body, soul, and spirit on an ever-evolving journey, I take movement and the arts of speech, theater, and improvisation as my point of entry.  To involve every aspect of the person, I use conversation and play, ritual and fun, hands-on activities and meditation - we are multi-faceted, and I am here to serve the unleashing of every person's potential. In a multitude of ways. In conversation with you.

Welcome to with the flow...


workshops & support for for (waldorf) educators - teachers, parents, leaders.

 Shadow / Reflection, Venice, 2014 - BB

Shadow / Reflection, Venice, 2014 - BB

All education is self education, and as teachers and educators we are in a certain sense only the environment of the self educating child.”
                                                                                                               (Rudolf Steiner)






One of the basic principles of Waldorf Education is that it understands the task of the educator not to merely be that of passing on information, but to educate by example, from his/her whole person, offering the children and young people the inspiration of the human being in its greatest possibility. Not only does this understanding offer a truly vocational career possibility – it also calls for care and attention to the individual teacher's inner and outer development and growth. By nature, this care and attention must expand to the college of teachers leading the school, and to the school community at large. This is also where often the biggest challenges are experienced – social conflict and burn-out being just two examples. The task of the teacher (and that of the parent) is worthy of the deepest respect and support - the future of our planet is in the hands of these courageous individuals, whether Waldorf trained or not (☼ not a Waldorf educator? See bottom of this page!).

With my work, I offer to support Waldorf educators and school communities in a variety of ways. I work with teachers individually, with the whole college of teachers (for example during in-service training), with the parent body, the school community in events that can also be open to the public at large.

Here are some examples:

All the world's a stage” - nourishing the Creative Self, strengthening the teacher

    Imagine yourself as a puppet master. Imagine your body, the actions you accomplish, the relationship you create, the person people (and your students) perceive – that is the marionette. And all this puppet does is lead, impulsed, guided are by the puppet master, your Creative Self.
    A fundamental need for the teacher is to have an instrument (your marionette's body) that hears and responds to the impulses of the puppet master with ease (and, why not, joy). In this work, we'll explore and expand the relationship between puppet master and marionette through improvisation, theater games, speech work and imagination exercises. You'll find this work will support your work as a teacher, and your unfolding as a human being in the rest of your life, on the inner and outer planes.

No man is an island” - Working together as Educators and Communities

    Workshops to strengthen and re-enliven the social fabric of your school through improvisation and clowning, conversation, theater games, speech work and more. Play together, and you'll find new impulses and perceptions for each other and for your work.

Every teacher is a performer

    Back to basics – back to the archetypal qualities every effective teacher draws on. In this workshop, teachers will renew their connection with the tricks of the trade – standing, moving, and speaking with confidence, life and clarity. Whether you're storytelling or explaining biology - your presence is key. Expand your awareness, learn from your peers, and fill your tool box.

Lighting fires” - Creating Education Culture

Workshop with the adults of your school community
    Becoming creative together, playing, laughing, conversing, thinking, observing, exchanging, and playing and creating some more – in this workshop with parents, teachers, staff, and friends of your school, we'll nourish the beating heart of your school community. Strengthen the fabric of your school community, and the children will discover true education culture – where Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire (as William Butler Yeats said).

Similar workshops can be adapted to any educational institution or business.

This is just a selection of the possibilites. If you or your school have a particular theme or question you'd like to approach with creativity and mindfulness, contact me. There are (almost) no limits to what we can do together.

☼ I know plenty of non-Waldorf educators who stand head, heart, and hand in their educational calling. This work is in no way limited to the Waldorf environment, though my background in anthroposophy and Waldorf Education will always inform my work.


All services available in English, Italian, French, and German.

Tutti servizi sono disponibili in italiano, inglese, francese e tedesco.

Tous les services sont disponibles en langue française, anglaise, italienne et allemande.

Ich biete meine Dienste in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache an.


background image by Benedicta Bertau - Sicily 2011