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Are you longing for meaning and creativity?

Do you wish for more non-virtual, human connection and true relationships - and the courage to step into these?

Do you believe in the transformative power of culture, beauty, and humanity in the best sense of each of these words?


As a performance/theater artist and teacher, I am dedicated to creating experiences in which human beings can re-connect with their creative individuality, and with each other. Being creative is a way to meet life, not a privilege or luxury reserved for "artists." Understanding each individual as a unique being with a physical body, soul, and spirit on an ever-evolving journey, I take movement and the arts of speech, theater, and improvisation as my point of entry.  To involve every aspect of the person, I use conversation and play, ritual and fun, hands-on activities and meditation - we are multi-faceted, and I am here to serve the unleashing of every person's potential. In a multitude of ways. In conversation with you.

Welcome to with the flow...


with the flow

out of context, and into the heart of things

this is my blog, where I share travel stories and photos, and musings about living on this earth... - and this is what readers have thought and said of it:

"You have given us the true beauty and wonder of travelling and connecting each place to one’s soul, yours! Thank you for sharing your journey with us".
- Rose Ross, Delray Beach, Florida
"What you do now, what you write now, what you experience now and share with others will one day, I’ve no doubt, be a blessing to the world. With you we are experiencing an artist in motion with all the strong, determined steps of a warrior, yet with the delicate, translucent sensitivity of an ethereal wisdom – which is what I think true artists are. Thank you for being generous enough to share it with us.
P.S. I will buy your book when it comes out :-) "
- Dianna Lefas, playwright, Cairo, New York




 Venezia, 2011 - BB

Venezia, 2011 - BB


All services available in English, Italian, French, and German.

Tutti servizi sono disponibili in italiano, inglese, francese e tedesco.

Tous les services sont disponibles en langue française, anglaise, italienne et allemande.

Ich biete meine Dienste in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache an.


background image by Benedicta Bertau - Sicily 2011